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Black Canadians Strong is a podcast that invites Black Canadians and allies alike to speak their truths and tell their stories through thought-provoking and intellectual conversations.  In every episode of this limited series, different guests will engage in fruitful discussions around solutions that will uplift the black community in Canada. We will open the conversation on subjects like Reimagining Justice, Health, Entrepreneurship and Education. This podcast is a complement to the NBCS Virtual Series and will push the discussion one step further. 

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Episode 1: A Discussion on Justice Reform with Robert Wright

Jayde Tynes hosts the first episode of our limited series of discussions in tandem with the National Black Canadians Summit virtual series, starting April 20th. She is joined by Robert Seymour Wright, a Social Worker and Sociologist whose 31 year-career has spanned the fields of education, child welfare, forensic mental health, trauma, sexual violence, and cultural competence. In this conversation, Jayde speaks about his and his colleagues' pioneering work in cultural competence and conducting cultural assessments, and their role in the Canadian justice system.


Episode 2: Breaking Barriers in Education with Carl E. James and Dr. Kevin Hewitt

Leading up to the National Black Canadians Summit Education event host Jayde Tynes speaks with education leaders Carl E. James, Professor, Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community & Diaspora at York University and Kevin Hewitt, about the systemic changes needed to redress the issues faced by Black learners in all levels of education across Canada. This is an opportunity to listen and address how all Canadians have a role to play in ensuring education is equitable and accessible for our most vulnerable populations. in this way we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

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