VIRTUAL SERIES (2021-2022)

A series of virtual events were held from April 2021 until January 2022, to mobilize the Black community in Canada and move forward on our way to #NBCS2022. As with every year, our primary goal is to amplify the voices of the Black communities in Canada, highlight our contributions to this land and take action to significantly reduce our challenges.


Visit the pages of the various series event to learn more about the guests, browse the media library and listen to the discussions. 

JUNE 22, 2021 

Breaking Barriers in Education

APRIL 20, 2021

 Reimagining Justice

JANUARY 25, 2022

Let's talk about Black Health

Starting in 2017, the National Black Canadians Summit was created out of a call from emerging artists of African descent, from Halifax, Toronto, and Montreal, to confederate the efforts of Black individuals from across Canada, to see better outcomes for the community at large.


From the first Summit in the Toronto public library in 2017 to our 2019 event in Ottawa in the presence of, our federal parliamentarians and lawmakers, through our series of virtual events in 2021 efforts amid of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Black Canadians Summit has been, an essential and vigorous platform for reflection and co-creation.


The eradication of systemic racial discrimination, anti-Black racism, and its devastating impact on people, communities, and society as a whole, has to matter to all and be a shared responsibility.

OCTOBER 26, 2021

Entrepreneurship + Employment through a Black Lens

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First edition



Second edition